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Complete 2023 FFM Registration & Training

In order to sell ACA On-Exchange Health Plans, you must complete the 2022 Marketplace Registration and Training. Plan Year 2023 Marketplace registration and training for agents and brokers is now available on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Enterprise Portal. There are 2 separate training sessions for New Agents and Returning Agents. Some carriers still require that you provide them with a copy of your FFM Certificate of Completion, so download a pdf when you finish training.

New Agents & Brokers

Agents and brokers who are new to the Marketplace this year, or who did not complete plan year 2023 registration and training, are required to take the full Individual Marketplace training for plan year 2023. Check out the guide for new agents and brokers to help you through the registration and training steps.

When registering your account, select “Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) / Request for MLM Training Access” in the drop-down menu.

Returning Agents & Brokers

Agents and brokers who completed 2021 Marketplace Certification can take advantage of doing the certification as a returning agent. Check out the guide for returning agents:

When registering your account, select “Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) / Request for MLM Training Access” in the drop-down menu.


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Carrier Contracting

Prior to selling health insurance, you must be contracted and appointed with the carriers you are selling. We strongly recommend that you start this process no later than early fall since the insurance companies will be inundated with agent contracting requests leading up to the start of open enrollment.

Ambetter Health
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
Molina Healthcare
Bright Health
Oscar Health
Friday Health Plans

Selling in Multiple States?
Check with your contracted carriers to make sure you are appointed with them in each of those states. In some cases, you may only be appointed in your resident state, so simply request that they appoint you in your additional selling states. State appointment fees may apply.

Help On Demand Leads

Help On Demand is a real-time consumer assistance referral system operated by BigWave Systems that connects consumers seeking assistance with Marketplace-registered, state-licensed agents and brokers in their area who can provide immediate assistance with Marketplace plans and enrollments. The Help On Demand technology is hosted by BigWave Systems.

Only agents and brokers who have completed Marketplace training and registration are eligible to participate in Help On Demand. Throughout the year, you can set your availability or sign on whenever you’re available to help consumers – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an on-exchange health plan.

To complete Help On Demand training, please visit the Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS) and complete Help On Demand specific coursework available after completion of the Individual Marketplace registration and training and signing of CMS agreements.

How Does it Work?

Help On Demand harnesses the speed of today’s mobile technology to quickly connect consumers with Marketplace-registered agents and brokers. Consumers can request immediate assistance by selecting the Help On Demand link on After the consumer enters his or her contact information, Help On Demand matches the consumer with an agent or broker who is available, speaks the consumer’s language, and is licensed in the consumer’s state.

If more than one agent or broker meets these criteria, Help On Demand directs the referral to the agent or broker who is geographically closest to the consumer. That agent or broker receives a notification from Help On Demand via email, text, and/or app notification, and has 15 minutes to accept or reject the referral before it moves to the next agent or broker in the queue.

Federal Poverty Level Chart

Advanced Premium Tax Credits for 2023 are calculated using the 2022 Federal Poverty Guidelines. For your reference, here’s a quick view of those guidelines. Note that Hawaii and Alaska operate under different guidelines.